The Blue Billywig Viewpage is used to display a mediaclip in a player on a single webpage. The page is hosted by the Online Video Platform, is publicly accessible and can be customised with a background image, logos and colors. In addition, this page is also used as the fallback deeplink for the related playout.

The viewpage contains all the necessary tags and markup that is needed for proper search engine indexing, as described in the external metadata generator page.

Accessing the viewpage

The viewpage is created using a combination of a playout and a mediaclip in a specific URL scheme:

http://{publication}{playout name}/{mediaclip id}.html

The viewpage link can also be found in the embed tab in the mediaclip edit screen.

Customising the viewpage

There are a number of customisations available to adjust the page to your liking. It is possible to show or hide the title and description of a mediaclip, use custom player dimensions, horizontally align the video and text, and adjust the text color.


The default background of the page is plain white, however it is possible to adjust the background color and even upload an image. The background image must be uploaded to the OVP and has a number of sizing options:

  • Original size: keep the original image size.
  • Cover: keep original aspect ratio, but cover the whole background.
  • Contain: Keep the original aspect ratio, but fit the whole image in the background (creating horizontal or vertical bars).
  • Stretch: Stretches the background image to the whole background.

It is also possible to specify the position, especially useful when selecting original size.

In case of contain or original size, the background image may sometimes not cover the available space. The color of the background behind the image can be specified using background color.


Up to four different logos can be specified to fill all four corners of the page. The logos will be displayed at the original size, but will not exceed 50% of the width and height of the page. This allows the page to correctly display on mobile devices.

Design documents

In order to aid designers with the customisation of the page, we have created a set of guideline PNGs displaying the various margins and alignments available. These are available for download here.