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Video Player

Blue Billywig’s HTML5 video player delivers the highest quality viewing experience across all screens. Continue reading
The Blue Billywig Video Player is lightweight, high-speed and supports both on-demand and live streaming across all content types such as linear video, interactive video, 360 video, personalised video and video advertisement formats such as pre-roll, overlay and post-roll ads (both VAST/VPAID/SIMID and VMAP sources). The Blue Billywig video player can be completely customised to meet your brand’s needs. You can change the appearance as well as its behavioural settings. Seamlessly integrate the player by embedding it using JavaScript or iFrame or implement in-app using the SDKs for Android and iOS.

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Blue Billywig Basics

Every second Thursday of the month we organise the Essentials training for new users of our platform. There's also a weekly interactive video workshop every Thursday.