Uploading and Transcoding

Our all-in-one platform offers all the features you need to successfully implement your video strategy. Get started by uploading your content to the Online Video Platform (OVP):

  • Login using your username and password;
  • Go to “Upload and Transcode” in the left side panel.

All video files uploaded to Blue Billywig will be “transcoded” automatically to multiple different formats. These different versions of your video will optimize playback on every device and maintain a good user experience even when the internet connection is slow. Transcoding happens immediately after a clip has been uploaded.

1.0 | Upload files

Before uploading your content, make sure you have configured the correct settings:

  • Select preset
    Select a preset from the dropdown menu. Each OVP account contains a “default” preset which contains all the necessary transcoding profiles or pretty much all use cases.
    Advanced presets

    Advanced users might want to add presets to the list when uploading MXF files or automatically cropping 16:9 into 9:16 format for vertical videos or stories. These use cases are most likely discussed during the introduction. Feel free to reach out to support@bluebillywig.com to explore the options.

  • Advanced options
    • Title from filename
      With this option each filename will be used in the “Title” metadata field (without the extension.) E.g. uploading a file named “Product Instructions 1.mp4” will be uploaded with the title “Product Instructions 1”.
    • Auto-publish
      By default your clips are saved in the “Draft” status, hidden from public access. Auto-publishing your uploaded files will automatically make your content available after the different quality versions have been created (transcoded). Read more about publishing media clips.
    • Embargo
      Scheduling the availability of videos ensures that videos are published at a set date and time. It’s also possible to set an end date and time. Read more about scheduled publishing.

After selecting a preset and setting the advanced options:

Drag and drop a video a file into the upload frame or select a file from your local drive:

While uploading, the upload progress is displayed by a pop up status box allowing you to visit other sections of the platform.

1.1 | Video

All common types of video can be uploaded, including MP4WMVMOVMKV and AVI. However, we do recommend specific settings when exporting from your video editing program.


Video will, when completely uploaded, be transcoded to different formats depending on the uploaded file. Videos with a resolution lower than 720p will not be transcoded to 720p and above, just like 1080p will not be transcoded to 1080p and above.

1.2 | Audio

Audio can also be uploaded in all common file types like MP3WAVOGG and WMA. However, we do recommend specific settings when exporting from your audio editing program. Just like video, audio will also be transcoded to different formats directly after completing the upload.

2.0 | Transcoding

All video files uploaded to Blue Billywig will be transcoded automatically to multiple different formats to ensure playback on every device and maintain a good user experience on fast and slow connections. Transcoding happens immediately after a clip has been uploaded. This process can be monitored on the edit page of the individual media clip:


A video might not be available on every device before transcoding has finished. Because of this, we recommend that you only publish clips after transcoding has completed.

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