Overview: Channels

Channels allow you to create your own streaming service. Click and create a Channels layout with easy to learn configurations containing your premium content as a standalone page or to embed on your website.

Add playlists, featured headers, carousels and more to bring create the ultimate viewing experience.

1.0 | Channels: Key features

Included in our OVPOn the roadmap
Out of the box streaming service
Layout customization
Brand customization
Add clips, projects and playlists
Mobile support
Multiple device preview
Preview your channels on multiple devices

2.0 | Channels: Advanced features

Included in our OVPOn the roadmap
Embed to pages
JavaScript, AMP, oEmbed, URL, iframe
Featured headers
Sliders, grids and carousels
Deep links
Link to separate video pages
Embed with ID
Directly link to specific videos

3.0 | Channels: Monetization

Included in our OVPOn the roadmap
Links with monetization options

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