Publishing a media clip

The status of the media clip indicates whether or not it is publicly available. The status of a media clip can either be ‘published’ or ‘draft’. All new media clips are assigned the ‘draft’ status when uploaded.

Change the status of the media clip from draft to published (or vice versa) by flipping the switch in the top right corner and clicking Save.

1.0 | Draft

A media clip in draft has restricted access. Only users that are logged into the platform and have the correct permissions can view the media clip. Draft media clips are indicated in the Media Clips Library with a red dot.


Embedding a draft media clip will give an “unable to play media” error on the page.

2.0 | Published

A published media clip can be viewed on a view page or embedded into a website. Published media clips are indicated in the Media Clips Library with a green dot.


Geographical restrictions may apply.

3.0 | Scheduled Publishing

Scheduling the availability of videos ensures that videos are published at a set date and time. It’s also possible to set an end date and time. To schedule publishing, select a media clip and navigate to the Embed tab. Underneath Embargo, click on Schedule Availability. Set the date and time that the video should be available.


Scheduled publishing still requires media clips to be ‘published’. The embargo feature does not work as long as media clips have a ‘draft’ status.


The playout will remain blank until the media clip is scheduled to be published.

4.0 | Deleting Clips

In the Media Clips Library overview, select the clip to remove and click Delete in the right corner. Alternatively, navigate to the clip and click on delete in the bottom left corner of the page.

Deleted clips are moved to the Trash, located on the bottom of the left sidebar. Clips can be restored to the library by selecting the media clip and clicking “Put Back”. To permanently delete a clip, select the clip in the trashcan and click “permanently delete”. Permanently delete all content in the Trash by clicking “Permanently delete all items”.

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