Using a React page

Use a React page to quickly and easily collect feedback for both linear videos as well as interactive projects. In this article you will learn how to use all React page features.

If you haven’t setup a React page yet: learn more about creating a React page.

1.0 | Add comments

Users will be prompted to fill in their name and email address, unless they are already logged into the OVP. Comments are linked to specific time-stamps. Click any comment to move to the specific timestamp in the video:

react page commenting

Receive notifications for new comments by checking the box during login or when submitted a comment:   

react pages enable email notifications

react pages enable email notifications

2.0 | Show comment details

Comment details can be convenient if a specific setup seems to cause issues for some users.

Display the comment details by clicking the “three dots” icon on the comment item and select “Show comment details”.

Here you will be able to view the user’s device, browser, browser version, operating system, operating system version and the video quality that was displayed at the time of the comment:

react page comment details

3.0 | Managing comments

Keep your workspace clean and organized by using the following options:

  • Resolve comment: Click the three dots icon on the comment item and select “resolve comment”. Select “Show: Unresolved comments” to only see comments that require action:

react pages resolved comments

  • Delete comment: Comments can only be deleted by the comment creator.
  • Link to a comment: As the amount of comments increases, use the “Link to this comment” option when sharing a specific comment with your team. When clicking the link, the React page opens with the correct comment selected.

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