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Get started with Channels

Welcome to Channels! Use our Channels feature to to create fully customized video channels. With Channels, you can effortlessly group clips and playlists together, aligning them perfectly with your company’s branding and overall webpage strategy.

Add players, grids, carousels, sliders and featured videos to take your viewers’ engagement to the next level!

Channel “elements” are the building blocks that you can endlessly combine to create the perfect presentation of your videos. Let’s start with a quick introduction to the available elements:

  • Header
  • Video Player
  • Sliders, Grids and Carousels
  • Featured items

1.0 | Header

Attract all attention to your Channel by placing a header:

2.0 | Player Block

A player block can be placed as a standalone player or accompanied by the attached playlist:

Channels player block

Only 1 player per Channel

You can only select one videoplayer per channel

3.0 | Sliders, Carousels and Grids

Sliders, carousels and grids allow you to display playlists in your Channel:

channels grid carousel slider

Viewers can click the playlist thumbnail to view the video content in a video player, another page (deep link) or a detail page.

Use a Featured block to attract extra attention to a specific media clip. Upload any image into the Featured element or simply use the thumbnail of any featured media clip.

5.0 | Create your own Channel!

Contact your account manager to receive more inspiration and in-depth recommendations for your very own Channel. Want to go ahead and create one yourself? Learn more about creating and editing Channels.


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