Media clip search

The search bar in the Media Library makes it possible to browse through all the files in your account. Search for content using a title, clip ID, tags, and more.

1.0 | Smart search using filters

Filters can be used to narrow down search results. Click on filter + next to the search bar and choose the preferred filter. For example, filter the search results to only show content created before or after a certain date. On the top right of your screen you will see a selection of preset filters.

Search Bar

2.0 | Combining and saving filters

You can easily use multiple filters by selecting filter + after the first filter is created. For example, filter to only show results of video’s that have been uploaded after a specific date and are currently published.

If you have a set of filters that you’d like to use again, simply select the ”Presets”” dropdown and click ”Save new preset””.


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