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To gain more exposure for your video content, our Online Video Platform (OVP) offers an easy method to export videos to your Instagram account.


Read more about the limitations of social media exports in our Get Started article.

1.0 | Set up Instagram Export

To get started with exporting to Instagram:

  • Click “Media library” in the OVP;
  • In the left menu panel select the “Social” tab;
  • Add a new Instagram channel:

  • Authenticate by clicking the Authenticate button and log-in to the Instagram account you wish to use;

To export content to your Instagram account you need an Instagram business account that is connected to one of your Facebook pages.

  • Authorize the Blue Billywig API to manage your Facebook account;

After authorizing is complete, you can start setting the following:

  • Channel description (optional)
    Enter a name for the channel to easily manage multiple export channels.
  • Selected page
    Define what Instagram page you would like to connect.

2.0 | Export to Instagram account

Export videos to your Instagram account:

  • In the Media Library, select a clip you want to export to your Instagram account;
  • Head over to the “Social” tab and select the Instagram export option;

  • The status pop up window indicates the export progress;
  • After the export is completed, go to your Instagram account to see the exported video.

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