Online Video Platform

Quick Start Guide

If you haven't used the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform (OVP) before, this is what you should know:

The OVP is a tool for publishing video and audio. You upload media files by simple drag-and-drop. While they are being processed, you do the bookkeeping, giving the media clips a name, a description, keywords, etc. Then, grabbing a playout -- a player customized to your needs --, you publish them on your website using an "embed code".

That -- in a nut shell -- is the basic workflow.

Of course, the next day, you think of a better title for your video clip. So you need to locate it in the OVP, perhaps among thousands of other clips uploaded by your peers. Luckily, typing a word from its title, or description, or keywords in the search box helps you out, and in an instant your changes can be online.

You can read more about searching in Media Clip Search.

But maybe we should take a step back. You might first have questions about the process of logging in. That is covered in the section Authentication and Login.

Then, as it all starts with content, the section Uploading and Encoding may be helpful. The system will transcode your media into several Assets.

After you've supplied the basic meta data (name, description, tags) you might need extra fields specifically tailored to your situation. The section Custom Meta Data Fields explains how.

Or you might directly want to publish the clip (Publishing and Status) and put it on your web site (Embedding) using a Playout.