Player States

Use the “Player state” settings to determine the appearance and behaviour of the player’s start, pause and end screen.

To access the “Player state” settings:

  • Go to Playouts in the left menu;
  • Head over to the third tab Player states to customize the player’s start, pause and end screen.

1.0 | Show (Start, Pause and End states)

Use the first section to change the appearance of the start, pause and end state:

  • Center Controls
    Check/uncheck this box to show/hide the play button. The center controls are slightly different for each player state:(1) Start state, (2) Pause state, (3) End state:

center controls

  • Title
    Show/hide the title of your video. Learn more about metadata
  • Author & Copyright
    Show/hide the author and copyright of your video. Learn more about metadata.

    • Author & copyright prefix text
      Set the ‘prefix’ for the author and copyright text (for example “source:”).
  • Show moving thumbnail (start screen only)
    Moving thumbnails are generated for each new video that is uploaded to your account. A moving thumbnail skips the first two seconds of the video and then plays the following five seconds in a loop.When disabled a static thumbnail is used instead. When enabled:

    • Desktop: the thumbnail animates when the cursor hovers over the video player.
    • Mobile: the thumbnail animates once the video is in view.
  • Related clips (pause/end screen only)
    When enabled, related content will be displayed during the pause and/or end screen.

related clips

    • Playlist for related clips
      Select a Playlist to determine the related clips that will be shown. When no playlist is selected, the player will select a related item based on relevant metadata. Learn more about creating and managing playlists.
    • Use deep link for related items
      Deep links can be set in the clip metadata. When enabled, clicking a related item will not play the content in the current player; but instead the viewer will visit the deep link URL configured for that particular clip. Learn more about metadata.
    • Randomize related clips
      Enable this setting to apply a random order of related clips.
  • Show last video frame (end screen only)
    By default, the thumbnail image will be shown on the endscreen. Enable this setting to display the last frame of the video instead.

2.0 | Autoplay Next

You can choose to automatically play the next clip after a countdown:

autoplay next

  • Only when pre-roll ad is available
    Only play the next clip automatically if there’s a pre-roll advertisement available (only applicable when pre-rolls are configured on the playout).

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