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The Blue Billywig video player uses first-party cookies as well as thirty-party cookies (Google). These are included in the Data Processing Agreement with our clients. A general distinction can be made between functionality and tracking cookies.

1.1 | Functional Cookies

Functionality cookies (also known as ‘preference cookies’) allow the player to remember specific setting preferences to optimize the viewer’s experience. These include settings related to volume, subtitles, video quality, etc. Functionality cookies are anonymous, which means that activity on other websites is not being monitored.

1.2 | Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies (also known as ‘statistics’ or ‘performance cookies’) are used to collect data of the viewer’s interaction with videos that have been initiated. Our clients can access the collected data in the analytics section of the Online Video Platform (OVP) to analyse viewer audience, used technology, viewer engagement, etc. Data collected by tracking cookies is completely anonymous and cannot be used to identify viewers.

Above-mentioned cookies are placed by default and can be configured in the playout settings. Cookie placement can also be set by a third party cookie manager that handles visitor consent for the entire website.

2.0 | Enable/disable cookies on the playout

  1. Go to the “Media Library” tab and select “Playouts” in the left menu.
  2. Head over to the “Miscellaneous” tab and scroll down to “Cookies” to change the cookie settings:
    • Enable Cookies: Functionality as well as tracking cookies are placed. If advertisements are configured on the playout, the player uses Google’s IMA SDK for personalized advertisements and allows the placement of its tracking cookies (GED_PLAYLIST_ACTIVITY and GFP).
    • Only Disable Tracking Cookies: Functionality cookies are placed by the player. If advertisements are configured on the playout, the player uses Google’s IMA SDK for personalized advertisements, but refuses the placement of its tracking cookies. “Regular” analytics are still available
    • Disable Cookies: Functionality cookies are not placed. Furthermore: the player uses the Blue Billywig Ad SDK instead of Google’s IMA SDK. As a result no tracking cookies are placed. “Regular” analytics are still available.
Updated on January 12, 2021

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