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Create an Audio Player

Use the Blue Billywig player to showcase audio files in a way that perfectly represents your brand. Audio files can be embedded in two ways:

  • A large “video style” player
  • A minimalist designated audio player

1.0 | Large

Use a large ‘video style’ player that shows the audio thumbnail during the entire audio clip.

A few “video” playout settings are irrelevant to audio files, so make sure you disable these in the playout settings:

Control bar settings:

Player states:

2.0 | Minimalist

Use a minimalist designated audio player that only shows the control bar.

When the minimalist mode is enabled all non-essential control bar items will be disabled automatically (subtitle, full screen and cast button):

To enable a minimalist audio player:

  • Select an existing playout or create a new playout;
  • Head over to the “Appearance” tab;
  • Disable the “Responsive player sizing” setting;
  • Enter a height less than 50 pixels


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