Player Control Bar

1.0 | Control Bar

You can influence the visibility of the control bar. Click the dropdown menu next to ‘Visibility’ and select one of the following:

  • Autohide (show on pause)
    This is the default setting. Autohide means that the control bar will automatically hide when a video starts playing and that the control bar will come into view when a viewer moves the mouse in view or pauses the video.
  • Always auto hide
    The control bar will only be visible when a viewer mouses over the player.
  • Show
    The control bar is always in view
  • Hide
    The control bar is never in view

Control Bar

2.0 | Time

There are several options to display the time of the video in the control bar:

  • Hide
    Time Hide
  • Show remaining time
    Time Remaining
  • Show progress time
    Time Progress
  • Show progress time and total time
    Time Progress & Total

In addition, you can choose to hide the progress bar by removing the check in the checkbox.

OVP Time

3.0 | Volume

You can customise the volume control by choosing to hide, mute only or having a vertical or horizontal slider.


The volume control/mute button is not supported on iPad and most other mobile devices.

OVP Volume

4.0 | Buttons

You can choose which options you want to display in your video by ticking the box. Some of these button will be nested within the Gear icon.

  • Subtitle select
    When subtitles or captions are available, this button will allow the user to select a different language.
  • Playback quality selector
    Allows the user to select a different playback quality.
  • Audio track selector
    When multiple audio tracks are available, this button will allow the user to select a different audio track.
  • Playback speed selector
    When speed control is available, this will allow the user to set the playback speed.
  • Fullscreen button
    Displays a button which will attempt to go fullscreen when pressed. If fullscreen is not supported by the browser it will fill up the browser space (full browser).
  • Share button
    When activating the sharing button in the control bar, the following sharing options are selected for you by default: Direct embed, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you wish to edit sharing services & settings, you can do so in the “Sharing” tab.
  • Cast button
    Show/hide the cast button (AirPlay/ChromeCast) if supported.

OVP Buttons

Updated on January 12, 2021

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