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The Blue Billywig video player is completely customisable, with the ability to enable or disable specific control bar features.

This article will go over all the settings presented in the Playouts > Appearance menu. To get started:

  • Go to the Media Library
  • Click “Playouts” in the left sidebar
  • Select an existing playout (e.g. the “default” playout) or create a new one.
  • Head over to the “Control bar” tab.

player control bar

1.0 | Control Bar

Control Bar

Change the visibility of the control bar by selecting one of the options in the dropdown menu:

  • Autohide (show on pause) – default
    Use this setting to automatically hide the control bar when a video starts playing. The control bar will appear when a viewer moves the cursor over the player and it will remain visible when the video is paused.
  • Always auto hide
    The control bar will only be visible when a viewer moves the cursor over the player.
  • Show
    The control bar is always in view.
  • Hide
    The control bar is never in view.

Control bar placement
Change the way the control bar is placed in the player:

  • Always mounted
    control bar mounted
  • Always floating
    control bar floating
  • Automatically decide – default
    The player automatically decides to apply a floating or mounted control bar.

Note: this setting does not affect the control bar during commercials or on touch devices.

2.0 | Time

There are four options to display the progress and/or remaining time of the video in the control bar:

  • Hide – default
    Time Hide
  • Show remaining time
    Time Remaining
  • Show progress time
    Time Progress
  • Show progress time and total time
    Time Progress & Total

Progress bar
The progress bar is displayed by default:

control bar progress bar

Hide the progress bar by removing the check in the checkbox.

Disable frame preview
By default a frame preview will be shown when moving the mouse over the progress bar:

Check the checkbox to disable frame previews. 

3.0 | Volume

OVP Volume

You can customise the volume control by choosing to hide, mute only or having a vertical or horizontal slider.

  • Hide

Control bar volume

  • Mute only

  • Horizontal slider

Control bar volume

  • Vertical slider

Control bar volume


The volume control/mute button is not supported on iPad and most other mobile devices.

4.0 | Buttons

You can choose which options you want to display in your video by ticking the box. Some of these button will be nested within the Gear icon.

OVP Buttons

  • Subtitle select
    When added to a video clip, this button will allow viewers to select one of the subtitles when clicking the ‘gear icon’ in the control bar.
    control bar subtitle selectLearn more how to add subtitles or how to increase your video’s accessibility.
  • Playback quality selector
    Allows the user to select a different playback quality (learn more about assets).
  • Audio track selector
    When multiple audio tracks are available, this button will allow the user to select a different audio track when clicking the ‘gear’ icon in the control bar.
    control bar audio track selector

    Multiple audio tracks are often uploaded to comply to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Learn more about increasing your content’s accessibility)


    Adding multiple audio tracks is not enabled by default. Please contact to enable this feature.

  • Playback speed selector
    When speed control is available, this will allow the user to set the playback speed.
    control bar playback speed selector
  • Fullscreen button
    Displays a button which will attempt to go fullscreen when pressed. If fullscreen is not supported by the browser it will fill up the browser space (full browser).
    control bar fullscreen button
  • Share button
    When enabling the share button, the following sharing options are selected by default:

control bar share button

  • Cast button
    Show/hide the cast button (AirPlay/ChromeCast) if supported.

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