Player Sharing Options

To access the sharing options, go to Playouts, select your Playout and navigate to the sharing tab.

In the Sharing tab you can control the sharing options:

  • Sharing options
    Select the channels where you would like viewers to be able to share a link to your video. The following options are available: Direct embed, Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Whatsapp.
  • Use deep link for social links
    Check this box to let viewers share the deep link specified. When no deep link has been specified, the URL will be shared of the website that is hosting the video. Leave this box unchecked to let the viewer share the Blue Billywig view page with built-in Open Graph tags for Facebook embedding.
  • Share text
    This is the text that will be placed in front of the video URL. 
  • Playout used for sharing
    Select the playout you would like to be used for sharing.


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