Clicking on the animate button at the bottom of the top right configuration screen will show the animation screen.


Figure 8.1 animation

  1. Animation path. This is the movement path that is drawn based on position transition points
  2. Animation transition point
  3. Transition point bar
  4. Animation timeline scrubber
  5. Add transition point
  6. Record transition points
  7. Clear all transitions
  8. Animate off to go back to configuration screen

In the animation panel there's a transition point track for position, size and alpha transitions. These tracks show the currently set up transition points.

8.1 Animating

To add a new animation click on the blue + behind the transition point bar.

When adding a new animation set the time scrubber to the first transition point location. Animations require a minimum of 2 transition points to animate a widget. For example, one for the first location and one for the second location.

Moving the widget on the stage will automatically add a new position transition point. Resizing the widget on the stage will add a size position point.

Adjusting a transition point can be done by removing the old transition point by right clicking and selecting remove. Now you can insert a new transition point with the updated animation. Pressing with ctrl space can be used to play and pause the video. Transition points can only be added when the video is paused. The only exception is when the record button for position transitions is pressed.

8.2 Record position animation points

On the right side of the position transition point track is a record button. Pressing this button will start Recording Mode. Use recording mode to create custom transitions like circular movements. If the video is playing when in Recording Mode, position changes will result in new transition points. When you're done, click the stop button to disable Recording Mode.

8.3 Removing transition points

Right click on a transition point and choose remove from the context menu. It's also possible to click and drag the transition point off the track in an up or down direction until you see "remove". To remove all transition points press the clear button next to the track.