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Overview: Interactive Video

Interactivity brings your video alive. Adding interactive elements will increase click through rates and open up a wide range of possibilities. From customer service to quizzes to e-learning: anything is possible with our Interactive Studio and a bit of creativity.

Read more to get started with interactive video.

Use our Interactive Studio to benefit from the following features:

1.0 | Interactivity: Key features

Included in our OVPOn the roadmap
Add interactive elements
Buttons, forms, images, dropdowns and more…
Serve specific videos based on user interaction
Interactive studio
Customize your interactivity
Mobile support

2.0 | Interactivity: Advanced features

Included in our OVPOn the roadmap
User friendly programming
Custom code
Personalized video
SCORM integration

3.0 | Interactivity: Monetization features

Included in our OVPOn the roadmap
Call to action (CTA)

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