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One of the ways to analyze the usefulness of interactive video is to ask your viewers to provide their feedback. In this article you’ll learn how to create interactive elements that collect feedback. In particular, we’ll go over:

  • Feedback structure: the basics
  • Closed feedback: emojis / grades
  • Open feedback: forms

1.0 | Feedback structure: the basics

1.1 | Separate feedback clip

To efficiently analyse feedback data, we would strongly recommend creating a separate clip where viewers are asked to give feedback. A designated feedback video will make it easier to see how many viewers reached the feedback video in the first place and how many of those viewers submitted their feedback.

1.2 | “Thank you” message

We also recommend adding a “thank you” message for viewers who submitted feedback. This can be done by navigating to a separate “thank you” clip or by showing a pop-up message. Serving a thank you clip or notification improves the user experience and confirms that the viewer’s feedback has been successfully received.

2.0 | Closed feedback

“Closed feedback” refers to predetermined options your viewers can select to evaluate your video, such as thumbs up or down or by letting them choose emojis that express their opinion: 

To add closed feedback options: 

  • Make sure the images are uploaded to the media library 
  • Drag them onto the canvas.

Interactive Studio drag to canvas

  • Make sure you check the “Preload” option as well as the “Use as KPI” box (the latter will allow you to analyze how many clicks each button has collected)

Interactive Studio preload use as kpi

  • Add an OnClick action to the buttons that triggers your thank you response, such as a “thank you” video or pop-up message. We also recommend hiding the feedback buttons as soon as the feedback has been submitted. This way you avoid unreliable feedback data as viewers won’t be able to repeatedly click the buttons. Learn more about how to navigate to a video or how to add a pop-up message.

2.0 | Open feedback

Instead of predetermined options, “Open feedback” enables the viewer to write comments to express their opinion. In most cases, we would recommend combining “open” feedback alongside “closed” feedback as it gives viewers the opportunity to explain a “thumbs-down” click. Similarly, you might want to know what they specifically liked about the interactive video.

Below we will explain how to add an open feedback option by providing an example. We will continue using the closed feedback buttons we made in the previous paragraph. However, as we don’t want the thumb buttons to open any “thank you” messages or videos we will first remove those OnClick actions.

  • First: add a text area as well as a submit button. 

Interactive Studio add text area and submit button

  • We only want to show these elements when a viewer has clicked either of the thumb buttons. Therefore hide both buttons in the timeline by unchecking the checkboxes at the start- and endpoint of the widget. 

Interactive Studio hide in timeline

  • Enter a form element name for the text area, like  “Feedback” and add a placeholder text so viewers will know where to write their comments.

Interactive Studio text area properties

  • Next, add an OnClick action to the Thumbs Up button as well as the Thumbs Down button.  Select the “change widget” action, pick the text area and submit button and set the action to “show” both.

Interactive Studio show text

  • Similarly: hide the thumb buttons: 

Interactive Studio hide thumbs

As a result, clicking one of the thumb buttons will make the text area and submit button visible to the viewer. To enable viewers to submit their feedback: 

  • Add an OnClick action to the submit button and select the “Send item” option.
  • When selecting the “form” option we make sure that we can actually access all viewer comments in the Online Video Platform. If viewers don’t submit any text, only a blank entry will be displayed.  

Interactive Studio submit form

  • When displaying a pop-up message, make sure you hide the text area and submit button

Interactive Studio hide text and button

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