Set SCORM completion state

Use our SCORM package option to implement interactive videos in your LMS (Learning Management System). Read more about the SCORM embed option.

In this article you will learn how to trigger the ‘completion’ state in your LMS modules.

There are multiple ways to determine if all the required content of your interactive video is completed. Although the examples below are rather simple, it’s also possible to set the completion state of your LMS module when a more complex set of conditions is met. For example:

  • When a quiz is finished with a 100% score;
  • As soon as all videos of the interactive project have been watched.

1.0 | Set a SCORM completion state

The ‘completion’ state of your LMS modules can be triggered automatically (at a specific timestamp) or manually (after a specific user interaction, e.g. a button click).

1.1 | Automatic completion

  • First, determine what timestamp should be reached in order for the LMS module to be completed (e.g. 5 seconds before the end of the video).
  • Drag the blue playhead to the specific timestamp;
  • Click the ‘rectangle’ icon to add a new (invisible) widget to the canvas.

  • Add an “OnShow” action.

Although the rectangle itself won’t be visible to the viewer; when the viewer reaches the configured timestamp, the added action will be performed.

To proceed, skip section 1.2 and directly head to section 1.3 below.

1.2 | Manual completion

  • First, determine what event should signal the LMS that the module is completed (e.g. a button click to the last video). In the following steps we’ll use the example of a button with an ‘onClick’ action;
  • Upload a new button image or search for an existing file in the Media Library.
  • Drag the file to the canvas.Interactive Studio drag to canvas
  • Expand the onClick option in the right panel

1.3 | Add Javascript 

Add Javascript to your automatic or manual trigger:

  • Add the “Run script” action to your widget:
  • run script actionIn the text field, add the following script:

    scorm completion state

  • Close the script editor and don’t forget to save/publish your changes.

Need help setting the completion state based on a more complex set of conditions? Reach out to or your account manager.

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