Audience tracking

audience tracking main

Figure 14.1 audience tracking main

With Audience Tracking you can follow exactly and realtime who is watching which video on which place on earth. Even information about device, browser etc. is available. The following sections will explain the subjects more extensively.


14.1 Audience tracking

The top left of the screen shows the number of currently watching viewers, this will update every few seconds. On the top right of the screen are the most popular video's that are currently being watched. On the bottom left of the screen are the currently watching viewers displayed, as well as their location. On the bottom right is the world map, which shows the viewers that are watching. This map will auto-update automatically, although this can be disabled as described in Audience tracking settings.

14.2 Audience specifics

audience specifics

Figure 14.2 audience specifics

The time shown at the top left shows when a viewer started viewing. To the left there's the location of the viewer, and underneath the time is the browser shown. The green bar shows if the viewer is still active, when the viewer stopped watching this will turn red. When a piece of the video is skipped the bar will remain white.


audience specifics

Figure 14.3 audience specifics

At the right of the screen it shows the video position (blue section). It also shows whether the viewer is playing the video, or if the viewer pressed pause. If a viewer decides to watch some of the content again by seeking in the video, the blue section will become darker, like shown by "04:12".


14.3 Audience tracking settings

audience tracking settings

Figure 14.4 audience tracking settings

The top of the Audience tracking screen shows the number of current viewers and to the right of that is the settings button. The settings can be used to disable the automatic updating of the whole screen (Autoupdate) of the bottom right map.