1.0 | Customize a report

1.1 | Create New Report

To run or schedule a report, first navigate to Analytics, select the Reports section on the left and then click Create New Report.

1.2 | Filter Report Data

Select the parameters and filters you’d like to see on your report.  For example–This report will display data on the ID, Title, and Device type for all media clips with views in the last 30 days.

1.3 | Publish and run a report

Make sure that you’ve set the report to Published at the top right and then click Save. When you’re ready to run an on-demand report, click the Generate Now button.

If you are still on the same reports page, the file will download to your device as soon as your report is ready. Otherwise you will either receive a notification if you are browsing other parts of the OVP or the report will be sent to your email if you have already left the OVP.

Report Generating

2.0 | Schedule a report

To schedule a report to be delivered on a regular basis, select the Schedule tab next to Contents.

On this tab, enter in the email addresses where you’d like the report to be delivered, and add the frequency of delivery.  You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or manual delivery dates.

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