Do your videos get the attention they deserve? Use the Reports feature to obtain many valuable metrics to analyse your videos’ performance: views, view time, amount of player loads, and more.

To get even more extensive reports, select the available ‘facets’ such as device type, country and web domain to see exactly how, where and when your audience engages with your content.

Reports can either be sent immediately to one or more email addresses or periodically to provide your team with the necessary data when they need it.

1.0 | Create a report

To create a report:

  • Navigate to Analytics;
  • Select the Reports section on the left menu panel;
  • Click Create New Report.

  • Enter a Report title (required). Use a descriptive title as it will be displayed in the Reports library as well as in the email.

1.1 | Filtersets

Use a filterset to generate data exclusively on clips that meet your criteria.

The following two examples illustrate the use of filtersets to only get data on (A) live videos and (B) videos with that are marked with the “travel” tag:

1.2 | Data columns: Clip Information, Dimensions and Metrics

Select the clip information, dimensions and metrics to include in your report:

1.3 | Publish and run a report

To generate your report, set the status to Published at the top right and click Save in the lower right corner.

Click the Generate Now button to send the report to the email address set to your OVP account.

Report Generating

2.0 | Schedule a report

A report can be sent periodically (daily, weekly, monthly) to one or more email addresses.

To schedule a report to be sent on a regular basis, select the Schedule tab next to Contents.

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