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Ad Statistics

The Statistics section gives you insight into all the performance information available for your advertisments.  

Go to the Analytics tab at the top of the screen and click the “Ad Statistics” icon in the sidebar menu:

ad statistics menu

1.0 | Types of statistics

Depending on the way you use your Blue Billywig account, you can select up to two options for the types of statistics:

outstream or ad impressions

  • Outstream: this option outlines statistics for Ad Services users utilizing Outstream ads that include total views, clickthrough rate, quartile progression, and more.
  • Ad Impressions: a great tool to learn more about how ads are viewed and how their implementations can be improved.

Select an option and use the following tools to dig into the data to learn more about performance.

2.0 | Select a date range

Choose a date range by either using the preset date range options or by manually selecting specific dates in the date range picker.

Date presets:

Date picker:

3.0 | Views

See trending views for the selected date range on the graph.

This graph is also used to show multiple lines that contain particular filters, for countries, browsers and various other filters (see section 5.0).

4.0 | Data overview

The data overview on the top right side of the screen displays the following statistics for the selected date range:

  • Number of unique visitors (please note that a person viewing a video twice from 2 different browsers is counted as 2 unique visits)
  • Views per visitor (average)
  • Player inits: player inits refer to the number of times someone opens a page with an embedded player.
Performance vs Statistics

Calculating statistics can become time consuming for videos that are receiving many views. To ensure a speedy page load, the data overview might not immediately display unique visitors, average views per visitor or player inits when a filter is applied. Click the section to start collecting these stats.

5.0 | Filter Variables

Use the filter panel to zoom in on ad content with specific details.

Outstream vs Ad Impressions

The exact filter variables available for ad statistics depends on the “statistics type” selected. See section 1.0 to change the statistics type displayed in the dashboard.

For example: view statistics on instream ads that were fully watched (100% quartile):

instream ad stats example

Or: view statistics on outstream ads only coming from the United Kingdom:

outstream ad statistics example

Select filters to update the various sections: the graph, the most viewed, and the world map. Selecting the highlight icon in front of the checkboxes adds lines to the graph to compare variables.

For example: the following graph displays the differences between views from iOS and Android mobile devices:

Active filters are shown next to the “Clear all filters” button above the graph. On the top right under the “Clear all lines” button, you can also see which filters are active and their corresponding graph color.

6.0 | Best viewed

The following figure can be found below the graph next to the world map. This section shows you which media clips have the most views for the selected date range. Click a row to open the media clip detail page.

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