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Interactive Project Analytics

The Online Video Platform offers many possibilities to generate reports on video performance and viewer interaction by showing:

  • Click paths
  • Flowcharts
  • KPI dashboards

To get started:

  • Click the “Analytics” tab at the top of the screen;
  • Click “Projects” in the left sidebar menu

Interactive videos can be analyzed using the Performance as well as the Flow Analysis data.

1.0 | Project Performance

The Performance interface displays:

  • Total views for the selected date range
  • KPI Metrics (configured based on the predefined targets of the interactive video)

projects analytics example

To export the project performance to an excel file:


download project performance excel

2.0 | Flow Analysis

Use the “zoom” option to get a general overview of the project’s interactivity flow:

project analytics flow analysis 1

In depth data is displayed by clicking individual clips from the project:

project analytics flow analysis 2

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