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Interactive Project Analytics

The Online Video Platform offers extensive possibilities to generate reports on video performance and viewer interaction by showing click paths, flowcharts and specific KPI dashboards. Dashboards can be setup as to interpret viewing behaviour. Every interactive video can have its own KPIs determined in advance, with the results displayed for analysis and optimization.

Click the Analytics tab at the top of the screen and head over to Projects in the left menu. Interactive projects can be evaluated using the Performance data as well as the Flow Analysis data.

1.0 | Project Performance

Project performance example:

projects analytics example

Project performance data can also be generated as an excel file:

download project performance excel

2.0 | Flow Analysis

Zoom in and out to get a general overview of the project’s interactivity flow.

project analytics flow analysis 1

In depth data is displayed by clicking individual clips from the project:

project analytics flow analysis 2

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