In this article you will learn how to manage chapters in your video content. Chapters are a great way to break up longer videos into sections, so viewers can easily navigate to relevant parts of the content.

The following example has four chapters to which the viewer can navigate to by clicking the corresponding sections in the progress bar:

1.0 | Add a Chapter

To add a chapter:

  • Navigate to the “Media Library”;
  • Select a clip and open the “Chapters” tab;

Use one of the available options to add a chapter:

  1. Click “Add Chapter” to add a chapter by entering a specific timecode,
  2. Use the preview player to add a chapter at the current spot in the progress bar. Use the “frame backward” and “frame forward” buttons to select the exact spot in the progress bar:

add chapter

First & Last Chapter

Please note that chapters will always cover the full duration of the video. In other words: the first chapter always begins at 0:00 and the last chapter always ends at the endpoint of the video.

2.0 | Edit/Remove Chapters

To edit a chapter:

  • Use the timestamps and text fields for each chapter item;

edit chapters

To remove a chapter:

  • Click the “remove” icon:

remove a chapter

Interactive Studio

Chapters might have already been added through our legacy chapter management tool in the Interactive Studio. This will prompt the following message: The chapters from this mediaclip are managed in the interactivity studio. Read more about managing existing chapters in the Interactive Studio.

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