In this article you will learn how to add or remove chapters to your video content. Chapters are a great way to break up longer videos into sections, so viewers can easily navigate to relevant parts of the content.

The following example has four chapters to which the viewer can navigate to by clicking the corresponding sections in the progress bar:

Access to Interactive Studio

Adding and removing chapters requires access to the Interactive Studio. Contact your account manager or send an email to if you currently don’t have access to the studio.

1.0 | Add Chapters

To add chapters in the Interactive Studio:

  • Drag the timeline indicator to the preferred part in the video where you’d like to add a chapter;

new chapter timeline indicator

  • In the timeline panel click “add new track”;

add new chapter

  • Select the option “Add Chapter Widget”;

add new chapter

  • A chapter item is added to a “Chapters” track in the timeline at the location of the timeline indicator:

New chapter

  • Enter a name for the chapter item and tweak the timecode by entering a specific time if necessary;
  • Repeat these steps to add new chapters and save your progress by clicking “Save Draft” or “Publish” in the lower right corner.

2.0 | Remove Chapters

To remove a chapter:

  • Click the dot of a chapter:

remove chapter

  • Simply click the “delete” or “backspace” key on your keyboard to remove the selected chapter.

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