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Chapter management in the Interactive Studio is a legacy feature. Only use the instructions below when chapters are already added in the Interactive Studio. Otherwise, use our improved Chapter management tool in the OVP

1.0 | Add Chapters

To add chapters in the Interactive Studio:

  • Drag the timeline indicator to the preferred part in the video where you’d like to add a chapter;

new chapter timeline indicator

  • In the timeline panel click “add new track”;

add new chapter

  • Select the option “Add Chapter Widget”;

add new chapter

  • A chapter item is added to a “Chapters” track in the timeline at the location of the timeline indicator:

New chapter

  • Enter a name for the chapter item and tweak the timecode by entering a specific time if necessary;
  • Repeat these steps to add new chapters and save your progress by clicking “Save Draft” or “Publish” in the lower right corner.

2.0 | Remove Chapters

To remove a chapter:

  • Click the dot of a chapter:

remove chapter

  • Simply click the “delete” or “backspace” key on your keyboard to remove the selected chapter.

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