7.1 Clip search

Clips overview

Figure 7.1 Clips overview

This screen can be used to filter clips by selecting a filter type in the top left of the page, typing text in the filter box or by selecting and deselecting mediaclip types like video, audio, picture, flash or text clip. Searching is done by searching on predefined fields like Tags, Author, Copyright owner, Title, Custom fields, Clip id, Cliplists or Status (Published or Draft).


Note: In this screen it's also possible to see the statistics of a specific mediaclip. This can be done by clicking on the stats button in the row at the rightmost button. Edit the mediaclip details by clicking the edit button. Previewing this mediaclip can be done by clicking the embed button. This is explained at the end of this chapter.

7.1.1 Filter selection

Filter selection

Figure 7.2 Filter selection

The search parameters are shown next to the metadata box in the top left. In the picture above are some of the tags as an example. Clicking on one of them will only show the mediaclip(s) with the selected tag.


7.1.2 Media filters

Media filters

Figure 7.3 Media filters

Search for a certain type mediaclip like video, audio, picture, commercial or text by selecting and/or unselecting one or more of the checkboxes. Clicking on invert will invert the selection.


7.1.3 Search filter

Search filter

Figure 7.4 Search filter

Using the Filter box, it's easy to narrow the search. This is a full-text search which will search in title, description, tags, author and original filename.


7.2 Embed code

Embed code

Figure 7.5 Embed code

To embed the video on a html page, use the dropdown menu shown above to select a specific playout. Choose between the default javascript and the iframe javascript. To copy the code to your clipboard click on the copy code button. To preview a playout, click on the preview button.