Publishing, status and deleting

The status indicates the public availability of the mediaclip. There are two status values: 'draft' and 'published'. By default, all mediaclips uploaded to the VMS get the status 'draft'.


Mediaclips which are draft are mediaclips that are not ready to be viewed publically, in other words: have restricted access. Only users that are logged into Blue Billywig and have the correct user permissions have the ability to view the mediaclip. Draft mediaclips will never show up in searches without a valid session.

Embedding a draft mediaclip will result in an 'Unable to play media' message.


Published mediaclips are visible to anyone, they can be embedded and viewed on any website by anyone and will also show up in searches.

Note: Geographical restrictions may apply.

Scheduled publishing / embargo

If it is desired that a certain mediaclip has to be published at a later date, a 'scheduled publication' can be set (which is located at the top right, near the draft / published switch). A date and time can be selected from which the mediaclip should be publically visible. Alternatively, it's also possible to specify a date and time from which mediaclip should not be public anymore.

Deleting clips

Clips that are deleted end up in the trash. From the trash, they can be permanently deleted, or can be put back (with status 'draft'). Deleted clips will not show up anywhere in the OVP, other than the trash.