Mediaplayer Standalone/html Embed code

HTML code that renders a script tag to javascript code that renders a player using Playout options, publication data and content data as specified.

The Mediaplayer Embed Controller delivers players and content on websites or in apps. Several playout related options can be specified/overruled by issueing query string parameters. For a full list of playout options see [ Player API Guide ]. This Standalone/HTML embed controller wraps around the Javascript embed controller and can be used to link straight to a VMS video, or to include a VMS video in an iframe. Any (query string) arguments are passed on to the javascript embed controller that is rendered within the result body of this controller.

/p/{playout name}/{content type identifier}/{content id}.html?[query_string]

Parameter Type Description
Required parameters    
{id} int The id of the media-clip
{playout name} string The name of the playout to be used
{content type identifier} string c (clip), l (list) or q (query).
{content id} int The id of the clip or cliplist, or the query in case of a 'q' content type identifier
Optional parameters    
[query_string] string several options. eg. autoPlay, width, height autoMute