oEmbed Service

The oEmbed Service delivers a full media embed code from a URL.

1.1 | oEmbed JSON Output

The default output of the oEmbed Service is a JSON encoded string containing the embed code and information about the video (e.g. provider, author, size, thumbnail). Several options can be specified/overruled by issuing query string parameters of which the url query string parameter is required.

It’s also possible to change the width and height of the playout and the width and height of the thumbnail image.

https://<publication>.bbvms.com/oembed/?url=https%3A//<publication>.bbvms.com/p/default/c/<clipId>.html&[Optional Parameters]

Required parametersDescription
urlThe url containing the clip id and playout (e.g. url=https://<publication>.bbvms.com/p/[playout}/c/[clip id].html)
Optional parameters
widthSet the width of the embed code
heightSet the height of the embed code
thumbWidthSet the width of the thumbnail
thumbHeightSet the height of the thumbnail
formatxml or json; Defaults to json

2.0 | oEmbed XML Output

To obtain an XML response instead of the default JSON response, use the format query string parameter by setting this to format=xml.

3.0 | Resource Provider

The information about the resource provider in the oEmbed output will remain empty unless it is specified through the configuration fields in the publication’s portal.

Contact our Support Team at support@bluebillywig.com asking to set up the necessary fields for you.

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