A Blue Billywig Online Video Platform publication represents a set of video content and settings for one customer, website or playout platform. It’s accessible via a dedicated host name that’s typically in the format “PUBLICATION.bbvms.com”.

The /sapi/publication endpoint provides an interface to the Publication configuration:

  • Custom metadata fields
  • CDN configuration
  • Miscellaneous key/value pairs

1.0 | Object structure

The below structure is a JSON representation of a Publication object. It’s beyond the scope of this documentation to discuss every property, so here are some basics:

defaultMediaAssetPath: the base URL for all hosted on demand media

customFields: if available for your publication the configured fields are shown here.

timeZone: Time zone setting for your publication. Used in reports and analytics.

id: "325",
status: "active",
type: "Publication",
publisherid: "5",
name: "ovp",
label: "Online Video Platform",
baseurl: "//ovp.bbvms.com",
baseuri: "/ovp/media",
sourcepath: "/data/content/video/ovp/source",
hascmsystems: "true",
statsserver: "http://ovp.bbvms.com/Stats/",
statspublication: "ovp",
defaultMediaAssetPath: "//d736l0py1kx0s.cloudfront.net",
disablePositions: "false",
logo: "/publications/ovp/1407417683609224.jpg",
vmsjs: "true",
forceOVP6: "true",
timeZone: "Europe/Amsterdam",
mediaclip: [ ],
mediacliplist: [ ],
banner: [ ]
postupdate: [ ],
zoneconfig: [ ],
sharingPublications: [ ]

2.0 | Create/Update

PUT /sapi/publication/FIELDNAME

With the contents of said FIELDNAME in the payload of the request will update the requested field in the Publication configuration.


It’s often neither necessary nor useful to dynamically configure the publication settings. Please contact support for advice.

3.0 | Retrieve

GET /sapi/publication

Will respond with a configuration dump for the current publication.

GET /sapi/publication/FIELDNAME

Will retrieve one specific configuration property


GET /sapi/publication/defaultMediaAssetPath

Will get the base URL for on demand media.

4.0 | Delete

DELETE /sapi/publication/FIELDNAME

Permanently remove a configuration field from the current publication.


It’s not often necessary or even useful to remove publication settings yourself. Please contact support for advice.

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