Our Blue Billywig Online Video Platform (OVP) relies on AWS S3 for its file storage: an extremely scalable and robust online storage environment. Every OVP account has a dedicated AWS S3 bucket.

Creating a new media clip in the OVP typically means 3 steps need to be taken:

  1. An upload session needs to be registered
  2. A media clip needs to be registered
  3. A file upload to the AWS S3 bucket needs to be initiated and related to the upload identifier that is received in step one. Read more on how to generate your AWS S3 credentials

1.0 | Object structure

Example response:

"endpoint": "s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/mm.yourcompanyname.bbvms.com",
"currentDate": "Thu, 21 Sep 2023 12:29:25 +0200",
"uploadIdentifier": "e6ad9ab8bbc8dd10ee3d4465c09ad701",
"acl": "public-read-write",
"region": "eu-west-1",
"path": "upload/yourcompanyname/2023/09/21/e6ad9ab8bbc8dd10ee3d4465c09ad701"
accessKeyAWS access key id
aclAccess control list
currentDateCurrent date
uploadIdentifierA unique hash. Use the upload identifier as a reference once you’ve uploaded your file.
endpointThe canonical AWS S3 end point URL
regionS3 region
pathThe directory to use for upload

2.0 | Retrieve

GET /sapi/awsupload

Retrieves register details to for an upload session to the Amazon S3.

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