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Piwik Pro Analytics

In addition to using our Analytics dashboard, connect a playouts to your Piwik Pro account to fully integrate your video analytics with your overall web traffic analyses.

Piwik Pro incompatible with Matomo

Filling the Piwik Pro options automatically disables the Matomo integration options and vice versa.

1.0 | Connect to Piwik Pro

To connect a Piwik Pro account to a Playout:

  • Click to expand “Media library” in the left menu panel
  • Click “Playouts”
  • Select a Playout;
  • Navigate to the Miscellaneous tab and scroll down to Developer Options

    Piwik Pro Settings Availability

    The Piwik Pro settings may not be available by default. Please contact your account manager or support@bluebillywig.com to access these settings.

  • Enable Piwik Pro logging by supplying both an Piwik Pro account address (Piwik (base) URL) as well a Piwik site ID.


    Piwik Pro account address

    To ensure a proper integration, make sure your Piwik Pro account address does not contain a “/” character at the end of the URL . For example: use “https://bluebillywig.piwik.pro” instead of “https://bluebillywig.piwik.pro/”.

2.0 | Event Logging

The following events and content interactions are logged in Piwik Pro using query parameters as documented by Piwik Pro (learn more):

2.1 | Event Categories 

Piwik Pro query parameter: e_c (string)

  • Video: e_c = Video
  • Audio: e_c = Audio

2.2 | Event Actions

Piwik Pro query parameter: e_a (string)

  • Init (player load): e_a = Init
  • Play: e_a = Play
  • Finish: e_a = Init

2.3 | Event Name

Piwik Pro query parameter: e_n (string)

  • For mediaclips: clip id – clip title
    • Example (decoded): e_n: 5828638 – Workshop (Bilingual)
    • Example (encoded): e_n = 5828638%20-%20Workshop%20(Bilingual)
  • For interactive projects: project id – project title
    • Example (decoded): e_n: 5518110 – Interactieve video demo – experience interactive video
    • Example (encoded): e_n = 5518110%20-%20Interactieve%20video%20demo%20-%20experience%20interactive%20video

2.4 | Content Interactions

Piwik Pro query parameter: c_i (string)

  • Resume: c_i = Init
  • Seek: c_i = Seek
  • Pause: c_i = Pause

Content interactions are accompanied by

  • Content name
    Piwik Pro query parameter: c_n (string)

    • Example (decoded): c_n: Blue Billywig Player
    • Example (encoded): c_n = Blue%20Billywig%20Player
  • Content piece
    Piwik Pro query parameter: c_p (string)

    • Example (decoded): c_p: https://yourcompanyname.bbvms.com/json/mediaclip/1234567
    • Example (encoded): c_p = https%3A%2F%2Fyourcompanyname.bbvms.com%2Fjson%2Fmediaclip%2F1234567

2.5 | Custom Variables

Piwik Pro query parameter: cvar (string) <JSON>

cvar: {
"1": ["bb_id", "1234567"],
"2": ["bb_title", "Workshop (Bilingual)"],
"3": ["bb_duration", "33033"],
"4": ["bb_sourcetype", "on_demand"],
"5": ["bb_createddate", "2024-03-01T15:52:08Z"]

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