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Google Analytics

In addition to using our Analytics dashboard, connect your playouts to your Google Analytics account to fully integrate your video analytics with your overall web traffic analyses.

Follow the instructions below to log the most important video ‘events’ to Google Analytics.

1.0 | Connect to Google Analytics

To connect a Google Analytics account to a Playout:

  • Select a Playout;
  • Navigate to the Miscellaneous tab and scroll down to Developer Options
    Google Analytics Settings Availability

    The Google Analytics settings may not be available by default. Please contact your account manager or support@bluebillywig.com to access these settings.

  • Enable Google Analytics logging by supplying a Google Tag Id for Google Analytics logging (format: ‘G-xxxxxxxx-x’ ) (read more on finding your Google Tag Id).

The logged events can be found in Google Analytics in two locations:

  1. Realtime > Events
  2. Behaviour > Events:

google analytics logging

2.0 | Event Logging

For each event the following details are logged in Google Analytics:

2.1 | Event Categories

  • Video
  • Audio

2.2 | Event Actions

  • Init (player load)
  • Session_Start
  • Session_Init
  • Project_Start
  • Play
  • Finish
  • Replay
  • Progress_[percentage]

2.3 | Event Labels

  • mediaclip id + ” – ” + mediaclip title (for media clips)
  • project id + ” – ” + project title (for interactive projects)

2.4 | Custom Dimensions

For each event five custom dimensions are logged:

  • “dimension1”:<clip_id>,
  • “dimension2”:<clip_title>,
  • “dimension3”:<clip_length_ms>,
  • “dimension4”:<clip_sourcetype>,
  • “dimension5”:<clip_createddate>

3.0 | Quartile Progress Logging

By default our player logs viewer progress for each 10 percent.

A viewer watches a 1 minute video and closes the browser video at the 0:45 second mark. The player logs a progress event at 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% and 70%.

It’s also possible to enable quartile progress logging in which case the player logs viewer progress for each 25%.

A viewer watches a 1 minute video and closes the browser video at the 0:45 second mark. The player logs a progress event at 25%, 50% and 75%.

Quartile progress logging requires a slightly different way of embedding content. When embedding a media clip, project or playlist, add the following query string to the ‘src’ attribute:


Consider the following embed code example:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://yourcompanyname.bbvms.com/p/default/c/1234567.js" async="true"></script>

By adding ‘?logProgressAsQuartiles=true’ to the ‘src’ attribute, progress events are logged for every 25%:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://yourcompanyname.bbvms.com/p/default/c/1234567.js?logProgressAsQuartiles=true" async="true"></script>

The example above uses a media clip embed code, but the same applies to embedding a playlist or project.

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