The Blue Billywig Online Video Platform is often used for embedding videos within a website – either via a javascript embedcode or an iframe. /sapi/embedcode can be used to programmatically retrieve the correct embedcode for a certain Online Video Platform content object (a video, a project, a placement, a channel).

In the example use case below, the typical Media Clip embed scenario is given as an example. It’s also possible to specify project, cliplist or channel rather than Media Clip.

1.0 | Object structure

Depends on the requested embed code format.

2.0 | GET /sapi/embedcode mediaclipid/playout/format



Delivers the (JSON wrapped) javascript formatted embed code for Media Clip 12345 and playout “default”. Example response:

type: "embedcode",
usetype: "javascript",
body: "<script type="text/javascript" src="//my-beautiful-publication.bbvms.com/p/default/c/12345.js" ></script>"

Format can be either javascript or iframe.

Updated on July 8, 2020

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