Fullbrowser Fallback

Viewers can watch video content in fullscreen mode by clicking the fullscreen button in the control bar (learn more about the control bar settings).

However, fullscreen is not supported in the following cases:

    1. Javascript embedded interactive content on iOS (mobile) devices
    2. Iframe embedded interactive and non-interactive video on iOS (mobile) devices

In the first scenario the player will attempt a ‘fullbrowser’ alternative itself, in which case the player will try to fill the entire browser window.

In the second case, the player is unable (i.e. not allowed) to execute a fullbrowser alternative. An additional script is needed for the player to execute a fullbrowser action.

Use one of these ways to include the additional script on your page:

  1. Embed a script tag on your page
  2. Include additional Javascript in the source code

1.0 | Embed a script tag

Paste the following script tag into your HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://bbvms.com/scripts/iframe-fullscreen.js" async="true"></script>

2.0 | Add Javascript to source code

Alternatively, add the following Javascript to your source code.

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