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Advanced Playout Settings

The advanced developer options can be found by selecting the Playout and navigating to the Miscellaneous tab.

URL for comScore logging
Enable comScore logging by supplying an URL for comScore logging.

Disable JSON-LD tagging
By default, the player will runtime add JSON-LD tags to the page which are used by search engines. This option disables the placement of those tags. Learn more about JSON-LD tagging.

By default, cookie placement is enabled. There are two ways to manage cookie placement:

  1. Using a third party cookie manager that handles consent for the entire website or app or by changing the cookie setting.
  2. Changing the cookie settings in the playout. The following cookie options are available in the playout settings:
    – Enable Cookies
    – Only Disable Tracking Cookies
    – Disable Cookies:

Learn more about our player cookies.

IAB Consent Framework

IAB Consent Framework Settings

The IAB Consent Framework settings may not be available by default. Please contact your account manager or support@bluebillywig.com to access these settings.

IAB consent famework support is intended for use with an IAB-compliant Consent Management Provider (CMP), such as Faktor.io.


If the feature is activated in a playout, and that very playout is used for sharing to a site without CMP, then the player will behave as conservatively as possible, thus: no stats. Therefore, we would recommend to set up a ‘Playout used for sharing’ without the feature.

These are the effects of withheld consent on the “standard purposes”:

  1. “Storage”: no cookies (hence no unique visitor tracking in stats), no preloading of Google IMA
  2. “Personalization”: no tracking cookies (hence no unique visitor tracking in stats)
  3. “Personalized Ads”: non-personalized ads only (via npa=1 parameter in DfP urls)
  4. “Personalized Content”: n/a
  5. “Measurement”: no stats logging (nor Blue Billywig stats nor Google Analytics, etc.)

The consent-system has priority over the playout settings (‘disableCookies’ en ‘noStats’). If no consent is found, the most conservative scenario is assumed. For that reason, the client has to intentionally activate the feature in the appropriate Playouts (setting: ‘IAB Consent Framework support’).

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