/sapi/transcoding is a read-only endpoint for the purpose of retrieving transcoding status and progress information.

The status property of a job can be any of the following:

NewThe job is received and yet to be ingested in the transcoding fleet queue
RunningThe media has been transferred to the transcoding worker and is being transcoded
ErrorThere was an error with the transcoding job
BbqueuedThe job has been ingested in the transcoding fleet queue and is waiting for a free worker slot
TranscodedThe job is finished
RetrieveGET /sapi/transcoding

1.0 | Params

sort(string fieldname string direction) determine sorting field and direction (default is id desc)?sort=title asc
limit(integer) determine the number of mediaclips to return?limit=100
offset(integer) determine an offset to start the list?offset=100
finisheddatedon’t show clips that have been transcoded before this date

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