Use the /sapi/audiotrack endpoint to manage audio tracks. Audio tracks can be used to enrich a mediaclip with additional (mostly language-specific) audio source tracks and cannot be used stand-alone.

Limited License

Audio tracks may not be part of your Online Video Platform license. Contact support@bluebillywig.com for more details.

1.0 | Audio Track Object

1.1 | Example Audio Track Object

Example Audio Track Object
id: "7",
publicationid: "325",
type: "AudioTrack",
status: "published",
createddate: "2016-01-07T15:58:16Z",
updateddate: "2016-01-07T15:58:22Z",
languageid: 669,
mediaclipid: "2575390",
src: "/media/2024/01/02/d1b8c2e6a6205d4af2e686a04496e540/visual-description.mp3",
exactlength: "65123 ",
isocode: "en",
name: "English",
IsDefaultLanguage: false

1.2 | Attributes

id(string) Unique identifier of the mediaclip. Read-only.
publicationid(string) Unique identifier of the publication. Read-only
type(string) Type of object: “AudioTrack”. Read-only
status(string) “draft” or “published”. If an audio track is published it will be publicly available.
createddate(string) ISO 8601 date/time the audio track was created. Read-only.
updateddate(string) ISO 8601 date/time the audio track was last updated. Read-only.
languageid(integer) Unique identifier of the configured language in the publication. Read-only.
mediaclipid(string) Mediaclip the audio track is added to. Read-only.
src(string) Path of audio track source file. Read-only.
exactlength(string) Exact length of audio track in milliseconds. Read-only.
isocode(string) Two letter ISO 639 language code. Read-only.
name(string) Language name. Read-only.
IsDefaultLanguage(boolean) Is ‘true’ when the language is the publication’s default language. Read-only.

2.0 | Create/Update

PUT /sapi/audiotrack

Example audio track payload
"languageid": "669",
"mediaclipid": "1082434",
"originalfilename": "1162240_uhq.mp4",
"status": "published",
"uploadIdentifier" :"f1afb28a8b2c227e87dd983da91a4a1d"

Where uploadIdentifier points to a requested and executed AWS S3 upload (see /sapi/awsupload). The upload can be an audio file or a video file (in which case the audio track will be extracted). Mediaclipid is the id of the Media Clip this audio track should be related to.

Example audio track response
"IsDefaultLanguage": true,
"createdBy": "support@bluebillywig.com",
"createddate": "2023-08-10T08:57:17Z",
"exactlength": "45276",
"id": "186",
"isocode": "en",
"languageid": 1,
"mediaclipid": "1082434",
"name": "English",
"originalfilename": "1162240_uhq.mp4",
"publicationid": "1",
"remotesrc": "/upload/yourcompanyname/2023/08/10/f1afb28a8b2c227e87dd983da91a4a1df1afb28a8b2c227e87dd983da91a4a1d.mp4",
"status": "published",
"type": "AudioTrack",
"updatedBy": "support@bluebillywig.com",
"updateddate": "2023-08-10T08:57:17Z"

After the PUT request transcoding will automatically be started. The newly created audio track will be available within minutes.

3.0 | Retrieve

GET /sapi/audiotrack/{id}

Retrieves an audio track object.

4.0 | Delete

DELETE /sapi/audiotrack/{id}

Delete an audio track object. This permanently removes an audio track and its relation to the mediaclip.

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