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Google Ad Manager Setup for Outstream

1.0 | Introduction

In order to connect Blue Billywig’s Ad Services with your Google Ad Manager account, you need to have a few specific settings configured.  First, we’ll need to implement the player onto your pages. This can be set up by using an existing Google Ad Manager Ad Unit or you by creating a new one. We suggest creating an outstream-only 1×1 ad unit in Google Ad Manager to get started.  Once that’s done, we’ll link what we’ve done in GAM back to your Blue Billywig account in order to  seamlessly connect the two platforms so that you can begin serving ads.

This guide was created to help you integrate your Google Ad Manager account with Blue Billywig’s Ad Services.  This is a general overview of how to set up the basic structure required for integration between the two platforms.  Your setup may vary–Please reach out to support@bluebillywig.com if you have specific questions about the setup.

2.0 | Create a new Ad Unit


If using an existing Ad Unit for outstream, skip this step


  • Expand the Inventory section on the left menu and select “Ad Units”.
  • Click the New Ad Unit button at the top of the page.
  • Give your new Ad Unit a name, code, and assign the 1×1 size to it.
  • Save your changes. 

Ad Unit

3.0 | Create a new order

  • Expand the Delivery section on the left menu and select “Orders”.
  • Click the blue “New Order” button at the top of the page.
  • Name your order, choose an advertiser, and then click Add Line Item.

New Order

4.0 | Create the line item

  • Choose an Ad Type.  In this guide, we’ll be setting up a Display Line Item.
  • Name your new Line Item and select the Sponsorship type.
  • In the Expected Creatives section, add the 1×1 Creative Size.
  • Change Delivery Settings to start immediately and to have an end time of Unlimited.
  • In the Ad Targeting section, open the Inventarget the new 1×1 Ad Unit you just created.
  • Save your changes. 

Creating the Line Item 1

Creating the Line Item 2

Creating the Line Item 3

5.0 | Add the Creative to your Line Item

  • Click the Creatives tab in your Line Item and select Add Creative.
  • Select New Creative and then click the 1×1 size option.
  • Select the Third Party creative type.
  • Name your new Creative and paste the player embed script URL from your Blue Billywig Ad Unit.  You can find this code in your Blue Billywig account at the bottom of any Ad Unit page.
  • Important: Ensure that the “Serve into SafeFrame” box is unchecked.
  • Save your changes.

Adding the creative 1

Adding the creative 2

6.0 | Implement the Ad Unit on your page

  • Select the Ad Unit you created at the beginning of this guide in the Ad Unit section.
  • At the top of the Ad Unit page, click the Tag link, select a tag type of Google Publisher Tag, and click Continue
  • Ensure that the 1×1 size is selected, and click Continue.
  • Copy the header and body scripts generated and place them on your site. 

Implemeting Ad Unit 1

Implemeting Ad Unit 2

Implemeting Ad Unit 3

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