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Restream to YouTube and Facebook

Reach a larger audience by presenting your live stream on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

First, create a live stream on the platform of choice. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or another platform: you will receive a “stream URL” and a “stream key” that you can submit to the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform.

Read more about setting up a live stream in the Blue Billywig platform here.

1.0 | Setup a YouTube stream

  • Login to YouTube;
  • Click on the “+” video icon at the top right and click on “Go live”;

youtube restream setup

  • Enter a stream title and fill in the other fields;
  • Click “Create stream”;
  • Under “Stream settings” you can fetch the:
      • Stream URL
      • Stream key (fit in encoder)

Scroll down to read more about connecting your livestream to YouTube.

2.0 | Setup a Facebook stream

  • Login to Facebook;
  • From your profile or home page, create a new live video:

facebook create a livestream

  • Select “Use Stream Key”:

facebook create a livestream

  • Under “Live stream setup” you can fetch the: 
      • Stream key
      • Server URL

facebook livestream setup

3.0 | Connect your livestream to third party platform

After setting up a livestream on a third party platform (such as YouTube or Facebook), the next step is to configure the restream settings in the OVP:

  • In your live media clip open the “Restreaming” tab;
  • Click “Create New”:

restream livestream

  • Fill in the fields:
      • Title
        Only visible in the OVP to easily manage your restreams: for example “Facebook Restream”.
      • Restream type:
      • Restream URL:
        Enter the stream URL fetched from the third party platform in the previous steps.
      • Restream name:
        Enter the stream name or stream key fetched from the third party platform in the previous steps.
      • Target URL (optional):
        Enter the URL of the page where the stream is shown on the other platform.

Blue Billywig restream

  • Click “Save”.

If the live stream in the OVP is set to “Published”, the stream is live and is also forwarded to the other platform.

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