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DVR: Digital Video Recorder

Our live platform supports DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which allows viewers to rewind (and fast-forward) through live content as it’s streaming. This feature is useful for viewers who missed a specific part of the live stream or would like to rewatch certain parts.

When starting the live stream the player automatically starts the content as it’s ingested. The player indicates the live status in the control bar:

During the live stream, viewers are able to rewind up to a maximum of 3 hours. When watching an earlier section the “live” icon will deactivate, indicating that the viewer is no longer viewing the actual live stream. In addition the progress bar will display a negative timestamp:

Clicking the “live” icon in the control bar will return the viewer back to the live stream.

Read more about enabling DVR in your livestream.

DVR not supported in Native SDK

DVR is currently not supported in players initiated by our Native SDK.

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