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Get started with Instream Ads

Instream ad units play either before, during, or after video content. Instream ad units are always linked to a playout or a media clip for one on one advertising.

1.0 | Instream Formats

1.1 | Pre-roll

A pre-roll is a video ad that plays before a media clip. Pre-roll ads provide an opportunity to display ad content to an already-engaged viewer. Pre-roll lengths are usually between 15 and 30 seconds long.

1.2 | Post-roll

A post-roll plays after the media clip has ended. Their benefit is that they are the last message a viewer consumes. Additionally, the user often chooses to engage with post-rolls, giving it a higher conversion rate.

1.3 | VMAP

Adding a VMAP tag behind the player provides publishers with the opportunity to run TV styled ad breaks within their online video content. This feature is particularly interesting to publishers who run long form content, as it provides them with the opportunity to maximize the revenue potential of such content, by running multiple ad slots at various intervals within the stream.

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