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Instream Ad Unit General Settings

To create a new Instream Ad Unit, navigate to the Ad Services section, click Create New, then select the type of instream ad you’d like to create.  This page will go through the Preroll ad unit setup, as it’s the most common use of instream. 

1.0 | Ad Unit Settings

  • Title: The name of your Ad Unit
  • Code: The reference code for the ad unit.  If nothing is entered, it defaults to the title.
  • Description (optional): Used to describe the Ad Unit.

Instream Ad Unit Settings

2.0 | CTA Settings

  • CTA text: Add text for a Call to Action that displays on your ad while it’s playing (for example: “More information” or “Visit website”).
  • Midplay CTA: Enable CTA text midplay by selecting “Show” option.  
  • CTA position: Either place the CTA at the top right or top left of the player.

3.0 | Pre-roll Settings

  • Playout: Associate your instream ad unit with a playout here.  This allows you to call for an ad each time content is loaded in that playout.
  • Media Clip: In other situations, you can associate an instream ad with one specific media clip here.
  • Commercial behaviour: By default, the ad unit will attempt to play once per load. You can also adjust commercial behaviour by enabling an ad unit to load ‘Once per session” or “Once per clip”.
  • Minimum clip duration for pre-roll: Allows you to determine how long a media clip should be in order to have an ad called.
  • Allow skipping: Enable or disable the “Skip Ad” button on your pre-roll.
    • Skip countdown text: Edit the text on ad countdown (only visible when “Allow skipping” box is checked).
    • Skip button text: Edit the text on the skip button (only visible when “Allow skipping” box is checked).
  • Show upcoming video thumbnail: A thumbnail of the upcoming video will be displayed during a pre-roll advertisement to better inform the viewer on which content will be playing afterwards. This setting
    • Upcoming video text: Add a text to the “upcoming video” thumbnail (e.g. “Stay tuned for this:”). This setting is only available when “Allow Skipping” is disabled (that is: when skipping is not allowed).

Ad Unit Settings

4.0 | Display Settings

  • Controls visibility: By default, the control bar is hidden on play and on pause. You can also enable the control bar to always show or hide.
  • Show play/pause button: Enables play/pause button on the control bar.
  • Show mute/unmute button: Enables mute/unmute button.
  • Show progress bar: By default, the progress bar is enabled. Use this setting to disable the control bar. If you do, previously enabled play/show and/or mute/unmute buttons will remain enabled.
  • Progress bar color: Change the color of the progress bar.
  • Text commercial time remaining: Displays text to announce the remaining time of the ad.

Instream Display Settings

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