Prebid Configuration

  • Click the “Prebid” option on the top tab
  • Click the “Auction” selection box to green and fill in if the prebid auction will take place in “outstream” or “instream” context.
  • You can determine the timeout settings for the Prebid auction in milliseconds
  • You are able to limit the max duration of video ad in seconds

  • If you'd like to unify the Currency, select the Currency that is applicable
  • If Consent Management is applicable, you are able to assign a timeout of retrieving the consent string. If you'd like to proceed with the auction without consent after timeout has been reached. Check the box.

  • Select the bidders you would like to compete in the Prebid auction by checking the box so it's green lit.
  • Fill in the required information to activate the bidder
  • CPM Adjustment Multiplier refers to the revenue share that you have with the demand partner and will result in the Net CPM to be taken to account during the Prebid auction
  • Click “Save”

  • Select the “Line Items” on the left toolbar and “Create New Line Item”
  • Name the Line Item
  • Under “Behaviour” select “Use prebid.js”
  • If directly using Prebid behind the player, Select “Directly use winning bid”
  • If running Prebid via your ad server, paste the video tag with the Cache into the VAST URL box.