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Using Auctions for header bidding

Auctions allow you to incorporate header bidding with Prebid.js into your ad unit and ad schedule setup. When attached to an ad unit, an Auction will be part of the configured waterfall of line items. When attached to an ad schedule, Auctions will be included in your ad breaks.

Configuring your global Prebid settings

Before creating an Auction, you’ll need to set up your global Prebid settings. This is where you’ll configure the Prebid.js modules and adapters you want to use. You can also provide default values that your auctions will use to make setting up multiple auctions easier.

To set up your global Prebid settings, log into the OVP and navigate to the Ad services section (1), then click on Auctions (2) in the sidebar, then click on the global Prebid settings (3) button.


Doing this opens a modal interface where you can configure default settings for your Prebid configuration. These settings come preformatted with default settings, but you may wish to override them to tailor your setup. Refer to Prebid’s Publisher API reference and Video Ad Unit reference to learn more about these settings.

To prepare Auctions for use, you’ll first have to enable your desired modules and adapters. In the modal, click on the Modules (1) tab. You can enable modules by clicking on the toggle in the top right.

To configure default values for your enabled modules, click on the module’s card. This will open a pop up with configuration options. Learn more about what the options for each module mean by clicking on the documentation link (1).

Finally, to connect with SSPs you’ll have to enable one or more adapters. Navigate to the adapters tab (1) and enable the adapters you wish to use by clicking on their toggle.

Disabling a module or adapter in this screen will immediately disable their use in all of your Auctions. Enabling a module or adapter in this screen will make them available for selection in your Auctions, but will not automatically enable them.

Done? Then you’re ready to create an Auction!

Creating an Auction

To create an Auction, log into the OVP and navigate to the Ad services section (1), then click on Auctions (2) in the sidebar, and finally click on the create new Auction (3) button.

This will open an interface similar to global Prebid settings. Follow the same steps as in “Configuring your global Prebid setup” to set up your specific Auction.

In the modules and adapters tabs, you’ll only see modules and adapters that are enabled in the global Prebid settings. Make sure to enable the modules and adapters you wish to use for this Auction, and fill in any configuration necessary for all of your modules and adapters.

Attaching an auction to an ad unit

To use an Auction in an ad unit, open the ad unit and press the “Assign line item or auction” button (1). Here you can search for the title of your auction. You can distinguish Auctions from regular line items by the bolded Auction prefix.

Attaching an auction to a schedule

To assign an Auction to an ad unit, open the ad schedule and select the ad break you wish to assign the Auction to by clicking its collapsible header (1). You can then assign an auction by pressing the “Assign auction” button (2).

Auctions can be assigned to any ad break position, and multiple auctions may be included in a single ad break. If your auction receives a winning bid, that bid will be included in the ad break.

Missing a module or adapter?

If you’re missing a module or adapter that’s available in the Prebid.js project contact your Account Manager or email support@bluebillywig.com.

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