Authentication and login

Signing into the Online Video Platform generally happens through <your environment>, for example: Before you are able to log in to the OVP, an account has to be created.

Creating an account

New accounts can be created by anyone who has an account with the permission user management. Alternatively, the Blue Billywig support team can help you with setting up new accounts (

Every account has the following information:

  • Email address -- has to be unique platform wide
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username -- has to be unique publication wide. By default, the username will be composed of the first letter of the first name, followed by a dot (.) and the last name.
  • Gender (male or female)
  • Password -- case sensitive
  • One or more user roles (see Roles and permissions)

Setting a password

When an account is created, an email will be sent to the specified email address with further instructions to activate the account by setting a password that will be used to log in.

Logging in

Both your email address and username can be used to log in to the OVP, along with the password you set earlier. When you were already logged in in the past 20 minutes (in OVP5 or OVP6), you will be automatically logged in. After around 20 minutes of not using the OVP, you will be logged out for security reasons and will need to log in again.

Resetting your password

When you have forgotten your password, it is possible to reset your password by providing the email address that is linked to your account. You can do this at the login screen, by clicking the Forgot password? text.

An email will be sent to your email address with a link to set a new password. After setting a new password, you are able to log in again using the password you set earlier.

Note: The password is case sensitive.