Roles & Permissions

The Online Video Platform (OVP) allows clients to manage the exact permissions of its users. 

To manage the publication’s users: 

  1. Click on the publication name in the upper right corner
  2. Select “Users”. 
  3. Choose an existing user or add a user (read more on adding users: 

There are four main roles: analyst, editor, publisher and administrator. Each role enables access to different parts of the OVP. 


User Management Roles 1


The four roles of analyst, editor, publisher and administrator were introduced in version 7.45. Permissions of users created before 2020/11/16 might be displayed differently as a result. Contact for changing the permissions of these users.


1.0 | Media Library & Analytics Permissions

Select a user role to determine the level of access to features in the Media Library and Analytics sections:

Media Library and Analytics permissions:AnalystEditorPublisherAdmin
View analytics and download reportsvvvv
Create/edit/delete reportsvvv
Create/edit/delete media clips, playouts, and playlistsvvv
Export to a third party platformvvv
Media clip embed code accessvvv
Publish media clips, playouts and playlistsvv
Manage Channelsv
User managementv
Publication Configurationv


2.0 | Interactivity and/or Ad Services

In addition to the Media Library and Analytics section: select the checkboxes in the menu below to apply additional permissions to Blue Billywig Interactivity features and/or Ad Services.

User Management Roles 2


Interactivity permissionsAnalystEditorPublisherAdmin
Edit interactivityvvv
Create/edit/delete projectsvvv
Project embed code accessvvv
Publish projects vv


Ad Services permissions:AnalystEditorPublisherAdmin
View Ad Units / Line Items / Positions / VAST Servicesvvvv
Create/edit/delete Ad Unitsvvv
Enable Ad Unitsvv
Prebid Configuration (Ad Unit level)vvv
Prebid Configuration (Publication level)vv
Create/edit/delete line itemsvvv
Reshift Ad Positionsvvv
Upload files to VAST servicevvv
Updated on February 24, 2021

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