Roles & Permissions

The level of accessibility to the Online Video Platform depends on roles and permissions. The more roles and permissions a user has, the more possibilities and functionalities there will be available.

To get an overview of all the users in a publication, click on the publication name in the right corner and select Users. Here, it’s possible to add new users and update existing users.

There are four main roles. These can be expanded with sub-roles. These sub-roles give the user access to different parts of the Online Video Platform.


1.0 | Main roles

For users there are four main roles: editor, publisher, admin and read only.

An editor is able to view, update, delete and create new media clips. This means he or she can edit and manage different media in the platform and has access to the analytics An editor can also upload files, export clips to a third party platform and get embed codes.

A publisher is able to manage and publish different media and has access to the analytics.

An admin has access to all the functionalities in the platform and can edit them. The admin role is the only one that can add and edit users.

Read only
Users with read only rights can only view items in the platform.

2.0 | Sub-roles

The main roles can be expanded with sub-roles, which give the user access to different parts of the Online Video Platform. These sub-roles start with ovp6_. For example, ovp6_live gives access to the live platform, while ovp6_interactivity allows users to create and manage interactive videos.

Updated on August 19, 2020

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