Enterprise User Management

1.0 | Enterprise Users

Navigating to Enterprise Users on the left sidebar displays an overview of the users who can access the Enterprise Portal.

Send an email to all Enterprise users by selecting the Mail all users option.  Pressing the reset password button will send a mail to the user with instructions to create a new password. Pressing the detach button will revoke the user’s rights to the Enterprise Portal, but will not remove the user from other publications they’re associated with.

2.0 | Publication Users

To view and modify user permissions for an individual account, select a publication on the left sidebar and then click the Users tab.  Here you can see an overview of all users with access to the publication and update their emails, usernames, names, and roles.

Enterprise Portal Publication Users

2.1 | Add user

Selecting the Add User button at the top right displays a screen like this:

Enterprise Portal Publication Users 2

Fill in the data for the user, like email, first name, and last name. The username is automatically generated, but you can override it with a username of your choice. Select gender and select roles for this user. If you leave the password and confirm password fields blank, the user will receive an email prompting them to create their own password. Alternatively, you can select the password for the new user.

2.2 | Authorize user

Pressing the Authorize user button at the top right opens a new window, shown below.

Enterprise Portal Publication Users 3

To find the users you’re looking for, search by either publication or by email address.  To add one or more users, check the box or boxes of the users to be added. Once the correct users are selected, click Authorize selected user(s).


If a User doesn’t have any roles assigned to them, they cannot be added to a publication.

2.3 | Adjust Roles & Permissions

Clicking anywhere in the Roles column reveals role checkboxes for a given user.  Checking or unchecking a box instantly adds or removes that role to this user for the publication.

Enterprise Portal Publication Users 4


When the last role has been removed, the user that belongs to another publication will disappear from this list. A user can be added again by using the Authorise user button. To hide the checkboxes again, press the Done button.

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