Enterprise users

Users that have rights to the publisher are shown in the table at the top right of the screen after pressing the Enterprise Users button.

Enterprise Users

Figure 4.1 Enterprise Users

Adding/removing users, adding roles to users, resetting password and authorizing users will be explained in the chapters below.


4.1 Authorize user

Pressing the Authorize user button at the top right of the screen will show a popup like in the image below.

Authorize users

Figure 4.2 Authorize users

A search is performed just after the screen will open. To get a smaller list, search for a certain publication or a certain user by typing in the publication or email field and pressing the search button. To add one or more user(s) check the box or boxes of the users to be added. Then press on the Authorize selected user(s) button at the bottom of the popup screen.


Note: Users without any roles cannot be added to the publisher.

4.2 Add/Remove roles

Clicking anywhere in the Roles row will reveil the checkboxes of the roles that can be added or removed.

Add or Remove roles

Figure 4.3 Add or Remove roles

Checking a box will add that role to this user for the publisher instantly. Unchecking a box will remove that role.


Note: When the last role has been removed, the user will disappear from this list. A user can be added again by using the Authorize user button. To hide the checkboxes again, press the Done button.

4.3 Reset password

Pressing the reset password button will send a mail to the user with instructions to create a new password.

4.4 Detach user

Pressing the detach button will remove the user from the current publisher. This button will not remove the user from it's own publication.