This list contains dynamic as well as static cliplists. A dynamic cliplist will have a green icon with a D in it, and a static cliplist will have a brown icon with a S.

9.1 Dynamic cliplist

A dynamic cliplist is filled with mediaclips that match the specified criteria. Whenever a new mediaclip with these criteria is uploaded, it will be added automatically. Dynamic cliplists can be used, for example, to show only the 10 most recent items, by setting limit to 10 and sorting by date descending. The new cliplist will remain red until the cliplist has been saved.

Note: If a dynamic cliplist is very large and it is used to upload to YouTube, it is possible to be banned from YouTube.

9.1.1 Query parameters


Figure 9.1 Queries

Dynamic cliplists can be created with a number of parameters. Above the first field can contain a text like "trailer". All clips that have trailer in their metadata will be displayed. To add a parameter underneath the first, press the plus sign to the right. Now it's possible to add another parameter like tags. This will show a dropdown list to the right of the contains dropdown. To see the list, click on the refresh button.


9.1.2 Limit

With the limit it is possible to show only couple of videos to show in a list. This way it is possible to only show, for example, a maximum of 5 items.

9.1.3 Sort

To create a list that will show the latest items, the sort field will need to be set to Date. There are a couple of other ways to sort a dynamic cliplist, but most of the time date or title will be used. Ascending will show the oldest item first and descending the latest item.

9.2 Static cliplist

A static cliplist is a list that contains mediaclips. These clips need to be added manually. A static cliplist will always contain the mediaclips that are added to it. Place the embed code of a static cliplist on a website to show the mediaclips in order. The new cliplist will remain red until the cliplist has been saved.

Static cliplist

Figure 9.2 Static cliplist

To add clips to the cliplist, click on the clip function first, to display the clips. Now click on the cliplist function to display the cliplists again. Now drag a clip to the cliplist. This is shown in detail in the picture below.


9.3 Vodcast

Vodcast option

Figure 9.3 Vodcast option

The vodcast icon is shown in the cliplist next to embed & preview. The vodcast makes it easy to distribute video using rss feeds.


Note: A vodcast will not work if it's set to draft.

9.4 Edit metadata


Figure 9.4 Metadata

Click on the edit metadata button in the cliplist screen to show the figure above. This window is used to edit the metadata and provide a thumbnail for this cliplist. By clicking on the blue button under the picture, a thumbnail can be uploaded.